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about me

I am an experimental quantum physicist trying to answer fundamental questions that are hard to grasp, interesting to investigate and challenging to implement.  In other words, I am having fun in the lab understanding the world a tiny bit better and I hope it will be useful one day… As of 2019, I started my … Continue reading about me


My research interests range from exploring the foundations of quantum physics and developing novel applications for next generation quantum technologies to investigating nonlinear optical effects. The recurring theme of most of my research can be described as exploring complex transverse structures of the photons, testing their special features to address fundamental questions, and using their … Continue reading research


You can also find a complete list of my publications on my Google Scholar profile. !!! Please find the list of publications starting 2019 on my group’s webpage !!! peer-reviewed journals until 2018 F. Bouchard, K. Heshami, D. England, R. Fickler, R.W. Boyd, B.-G. Englert, L. L. Sánchez-Soto, E. Karimi Experimental investigation of high-dimensional quantum … Continue reading publications


invited conference talks Quantum Cryptography using Structured Light in Laboratory, Long-Distance and Underwater Conditions SPIE Security+Defence 2018, Berlin, Germany (2018) Generation of Caustics and Rogue Waves from Nonlinear Instability COFIL 2018, Geneva, Switzerland (2018) Can SPDC pumped by spatially incoherent light produce entangled photons? Photonics North 2018, Montreal, Canada (2018) Entanglement with Quantum Numbers up … Continue reading talks

teaching / outreach

Teaching activities University seminars and lectures 2018            lecturer (replacement of Prof. Karimi when unavailable), “Classical Electrodynamics” on Graduate Level, University of Ottawa, Canada 2013-2014   teaching assistant, lab courses “Laboratory Quantum Optics”, University of Vienna, Austria 2012-2013   lecturer, exercise course “Introductory Physics I”, University of Vienna, Austria 2012-2013   teaching assistant, lecture “Introductory Physics I”, University of … Continue reading teaching / outreach

awards / media

awards and distinctions – Outstanding Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2016-17 of the University of Ottawa, Annual Research Report – Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship 2016, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) – Young Scientist Award 2015 of the IUPAP, Commission on Laser Physics and Photonics (C17) “Fundamental Aspects” – Springer Thesis Award 2015, recognizing outstanding … Continue reading awards / media


Dr. Robert Fickler Währingerstraße 47, 8-9 1090 Vienna Austria robertfickler@web.de   link to current group web pages: Huber group at IQOQI Vienna Former research groups Quantum Photonics Group – Bob Boyd SQO Group – Ebrahim Karimi Zeilinger group at IQOQI Vienna Quantenbit AG – Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler